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Most Asked Questions About Our Signs

Whether you’re promoting a product, opening a new store, or advertising for a sale, business signs are some of your most effective tools for attracting customers. Competing with other companies can be challenging. A way to get a leg up is by having a custom-made, eye-catching sign for your business. As professional graphic designers and sign makers, we get asked a lot of questions about our signs. Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions.

What Kind Of Signs Do You Make?

We can make any kind of sign that you need, from banners and vehicle wraps, window decals, and magnetic signs.

If you need something a bit bigger, don’t hesitate to ask. Our large-scale production shop can handle sizable projects with ease. Our team is always happy to help you create unique designs for yard signs, trade show displays, and so much more! We utilize high-quality materials to ensure all of our signs have the durability and longevity to hold up against the effects of time and weather conditions while maintaining affordable pricing.

Can I Put Up My Sign?

Generally, no! If you have a permanent location with your business and want to advertise it, we suggest getting approval from your landlord or condo owner first. It’s easier to work with them rather than against them when putting up signage. If it’s a mobile business, you can put up your sign. It isn’t mandatory to have a permit, but we strongly suggest that you get one for additional protection against theft or damage. Take note of where and how you choose to put up your signs. Having several signs around a specific area may make the residents think that there is a lot of traffic. Even if they don’t want it, you are getting them to be aware of your service.

What Different Kinds Of Signs Can I Get?

We have a wide range of sign solutions available for any budget and business size. While some are temporary, others may require more permanent solutions depending on how long you need the sign to be or if it’s an outdoor location. We can provide you with all the information during our consultation. We also offer vinyl banners for your special events!

How Long Does It Take For You To Complete My Order?

Our lead time is between 5-7 days for standard signs. This refers to our made-to-order signs, as well as personalized signage. Although we may have made the design in advance depending on how fast you want the order, a lot depends on how many orders we are currently working on at any given time and their size. For custom signs, especially those made to order and personalized, we suggest that you give us at least two weeks. This way, we can prevent any miscommunications or delays on your order from happening. It also gives us more time to work with the design if needed. If it’s a situation where you need the signage faster than that, then we suggest that you call us to discuss your order. We may accommodate your request, but it depends on how big the order is and the specific time of year.

How Do I Place An Order?

Open Signs For Business Vancouver WAYou can visit our website or contact us directly by phone at our toll-free number or via email. We will contact you soon after to schedule our consultation date and time, where we will be able to show you samples of what is available, discuss your budget and goals for your signage, and help you with your design. This way, we can ensure that you get precisely what you’re after. The consultation doesn’t cost anything. It’s just an opportunity for us to learn more about your needs, so we can provide the best solution for you that’s tailored specifically to your budget.

What Considerations Should I Make When Choosing A Sign Design?

Once you’ve decided what type of sign you would like, it’s time to pick your design! This is where professional signage can get fun. It may be tempting to choose a design you like, but some other things need to be considered to determine the best sign for your business. The main elements to consider are your budget, the size of the sign, and where you plan on having it.

A lot of our clients ask us what they should put on their sign first. The best way to go about this is to think about how long you want your sign to represent your business. For example, if you’re opening a new bakery in your area, you’ll want the design to reflect that. It would help if you had something that represents what makes your business unique.

What Font Styles Are Best For Me?

Font styles and sizes can affect the overall readability of your sign. You want to choose a typeface that is easy to see from far away and blends in with the rest of the design. You should also consider where you plan on having your signs and which font size will work best for each location. For example, you should choose larger fonts when your signs are located near roadways.

What’s The Right Size For My Sign?

You may want to consider adding a logo or artwork to your sign to make it more recognizable. If you don’t wish for us to design your artwork, we can provide an easy template for you to modify with your photos and drawings. You should also take into consideration where the sign will be placed on your property or business. If it is close to roadways, you should try and use bigger fonts to stand out. Also, the overall size of the sign will depend on its distance from the viewer and the amount of information displayed.

For more details about our signs, please give us a call; we will answer all the questions you may have for us and follow that up with free professional advice.



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Most Asked Questions About Our Signs

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