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Skip the Goodie Bags in Vancouver: Print T-Shirts Instead!

Kid’s Birthday Party Coming Up in Vancouver?

The school year is in full swing here in Vancouver, Washington. With a new school year comes a new set of obligations, one of which is attending and planning birthday parties for children and their friends. All too many parents are familiar with the traditional “goodie bag.” Parents typically fill these bags with small toys or candy to give their children’s friends a little prize after attending the party. Often, the toys in these goodie bags are low-quality and made from plastic. The gesture is nice, but a lot of times, these bags become trash quickly after their receipt. Instead of handing out party favor bags filled with candy and toys this year, consider something more personal and unique: a custom screen-printed T-shirt!

Need a Unique Party Favor in Vancouver?

T-shirts are excellent party favors for kids’ birthday parties. Not only is it pretty easy to order shirts in a size that will fit most of the kids attending (kids seem to stay a similar size until middle school and high school), but shirts provide a tangible memory of a child’s special day.

Ideas for Kids’ Birthday Party T-Shirts

Pre-Made Shirts for Kids’ Birthday Parties

Planning a kid’s birthday party can be challenging. Not only do parents need to take control of the guest list and food, but they’re also responsible for the theme and all of the decorations! A simple way to add color or enhance the theme to a kid’s birthday party is by providing guests with shirts.

  • Rainbow Shirts. Consider purchasing a variety of colors in sizes appropriate for the kids attending the party. Each shirt can have a custom text and a design commemorating the party, and each child can take home a tangible (and useful) reminder of the day. Not only that, but the party will be incredibly colorful without much decorating work!
  • Team Shirts. Sometimes the hardest part of a kid’s party is keeping everyone entertained, busy, and safe. Printing team shirts for approximately half of the attendees is a great way to introduce a fun “field day” type birthday party. Three-legged races, egg tosses, and bobbing for apples are great activities for a kid’s birthday party. Split the party into teams to encourage friendly competition and fun play!
  • Group-Identifying Shirts. For large parties or events, such as a trip to a local amusement park, it may be helpful to have easily-identifiable t-shirts printed to keep track of all guests. Not only will this help parents keep track of children, but this allows children to locate chaperones and each other quickly. Consider a bright color unlikely to be worn by other guests to ensure everyone remains visible.
  • Theme Shirts. If the birthday party centers around a theme, t-shirts are a fun party favor to give attendees and their parents. For television show themes or movie themes, consider having character shirts made for attendees. Another option is to include a famous catchphrase on the shirts. The possibilities are endless!

Activity-Based Shirts for Kids’ Birthday Parties

Custom T-Shirts Vancouver WA

Sometimes the hardest part of hosting a children’s birthday party is keeping all of the guests entertained. Combine party favors and group fun into one by trying out any of these activities!

  • Tie-Dye Shirts. Get T-shirts made with a white logo or white text, and then color the shirts with tie-dye at the birthday party!
  • Alcohol-Drop Design Shirts. White designs on white t-shirts can seem silly until the personalization begins! With just a pack (or two) of Sharpies, party cups, rubber bands, and rubbing alcohol, each guest at the birthday party can personalize their shirt with their logos and designs without any mess.
  • “Yearbook” Shirts. Hand out the party shirts when each child arrives. Keep markers accessible throughout the party and encourage the kids to sign each other’s shirts like a yearbook. This activity makes each shirt a unique and special memory for each child, not just the birthday boy or girl!
  • Coloring T-Shirts. Another great way to entertain the children at a birthday party is to have custom “coloring” T-shirts made. Screenprinting shops can design and print a design on it, similar to a coloring book page on a shirt. Parents can keep their children entertained by sitting everyone down with markers or fabric paint to personalize their shirts.

Age-Progression Shirts for Birthday Boy or Girl

Another popular trend lately is the “age progression” photos posted on social media. Parents can participate by purchasing shirts annually in the same design or purchasing a giant shirt in a custom design that the child will wear every year until they’re a teenager or 18. Another popular memory-maker is custom onesies. Consider purchasing onesies in sizes from newborn up to 2T or 3T to track the child’s growth and development, both physically and personality-wise! Parents often keep memorable baby outfits to reminisce and pass on to the next generations. Having unique t-shirts from a particular year or special event is definitely something to hold on to.

How Can Designs of All Kinds Help?

Here at Designs of All Kinds in Vancouver, WA, we’ve been designing custom T-shirts, signage, and more for over a quarter-century. Our designers and screen printers retain a high level of dedication to customer satisfaction and high-quality products. We can help with every step of the design process, even assisting our customers in coming up with ideas for their next big project! While we can undoubtedly help print T-shirts for a birthday party, we can also print on a variety of different products, including sweatshirts, sweatpants, wood, raingear, plastic, leather, and more.

We can also handle more substantial orders, including orders for athletic uniforms or retail stores. Our team works together to ensure every order we receive is completed accurately and with our customer’s happiness in mind. We offer competitive prices so that our customers can purchase the quantity of product they need at a price they can afford! Call today to get started on that next big idea. Our staff is ready and waiting to help!

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Skip the Goodie Bags in Vancouver: Print T-Shirts Instead!

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