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Screen Printing Vancouver WA

screen printing vancouver wa

Bring Your Printing Design to Life With

Custom Screen Printing


While Designs of All Kinds offers signs and other ways of printing, screen printing is by far the best way to create many different types of products. This a process of forcing ink through a “stencil” to produce an image on a substrate that is flat or semi-flat. Designs of All Kinds has up to 10 color capability on multiple automated presses. This allows us to be flexible with scheduling while allowing us to respond quickly to rush orders if the need may arise. Placing your order 2 weeks in advance is the preferred method for the best results. We also have a 6 color manual press’ for those difficult projects where special attention to detail is required!

This technique is one of the easiest forms of getting your design on clothing. You can either have it professionally done or even master the skill of doing it yourself; either way, it allows you to create your unique designs to wear or sell. This gives you the option of deciding a T-shirt any way you want it to look, which is not an option you get when just simply buying an already made T-shirt. You also have the creative freedom of making a design to be whatever you like, as well as for deciding its placement. The process is usually easy, versatile, and cheap, even if you do it yourself. This is also a great method to customize gifts and make a gift more personalized, regardless of who you’re sending it too!
The Benefits of Printing
There are several benefits to this method of designing clothes; It’s economical because it’s a process that creates many copies in which the same template is used again and again. Cost recovery is easier and you have a chance of making a bigger profit; The process is quicker in comparison to other methods, which is great for getting your brand’s design out there quicker if that’s your goal. The ink dries quickly which means you’ll get to show your design or your brand that much sooner; You can make larger designs without worrying about text or image distortion because these types of design methods are highly adjustable whereas digital designs are not; There is also a wide range of utility and can be used on a variety of styles of clothes, fabrics, and garments. It can even be used to design labels, circuit boards, and even adding designs to balloons; High-quality is sturdy and tough despite the harsh conditions (such as running through the washing machine and dryer to be cleaned) it may be put through. The colors of the design will remain vibrant without looking weary or dull for quite some time.

Another great benefit is that the inks used are environmentally-friendly as opposed to items made with plastic inks, but the ink colors are still attractive and have the same appeal. You can also be guaranteed that your design will last a while even under the usual harsh conditions clothes go through.
Methods of Printing
There are two ways that this can be done and both methods include making a design and then transferring it to an article of clothing. The difference is that one uses ink and paint to make the design of the image while the other uses an embroidery hoop with ink and paints. The ink is passed through the fabric or a netted or webbed surface within a frame and the use of a design stencil in which the design is then transferred. While both are a great method for this type of design, some inks and paints may not tend well after washing. You can have either method done professionally or cheaply done yourself.

If you’re opening a store, or need quantities such as for athletic uniforms, you’re going to need to purchase inventory so you’d have something to sell to your customers. One benefit of getting clothes done is that you can typically buy them wholesale and then resale them at competitive retail prices for profit. Buying wholesale also gives you a better price on your product, the more you buy then the better the price you’ll get. You’ll also be able to start your orders out small and see how they sell; you can then reorder larger quantities of those that seem to sell better than those that don’t seem to sell as well. With a larger quantity of product, you worry less about running out, and get even better wholesale pricing since your order has increased.
Printing Colors
This isn’t just available on white or light-colored clothing. Instead, you can get your design on white clothing, light-colored clothing, dark-colored clothing, bright-colored clothing, and even camouflaged colored clothing. Even the most multicolored and detailed design can be put on clothing. Even if you’re simply making clothing for yourself or your friends, this is a great method for designing.

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What makes us stand out from the competition? Experience… Our shop has well over 25 years of experience in the industry and is always striving to learn new ways. Did you know you can print on more than just clothing? Designs of All Kinds can do a multitude of different products including but not limited to: Clothing, Circuit Boards, keyboards, wood, signs, raingear, carbon fiber, plastics, leather, and so much more. Our friendly staff can assist you in what is the best way to meet your needs with the best possible results.

At Designs of All Kinds, we provide a variety of services in addtion to screen printing. Our team can also do custom t-shirts, embroidery, car decals, magnetic signs, custom flags, banners, apparel, engravings, and so much more! Give us a call today and see what we can do for you!

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