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Custom T Shirt Printing Vancouver WA

Custom T-Shirt Printing

Designs of All Kinds only uses quality material, paints, dyes, and inks.
When it comes to custom signs and t-shirts in Vancouver, Washington, our selection and quality rise above the rest. Our selection of T-shirts includes everything from crew tees to racerback tank-tops and everything in between. We offer 100% cotton blends, 50/50 blends, Sport-Tek materials, and more. Whatever T-shirt fits your needs we have just the shirt for you.

At Designs of All Kinds, we can create whatever effect you want on the style of shirt you select. Want to create a team for a charity walk, add a company logo for your casual-Friday polo shirts, or wear your favorite quote to an event? We can do that! Have fun wearing grandma’s picture on a T-shirt with “World’s Best Grandmother” written below it, to her 75th birthday party. Our high-quality paints and experienced screen printers guarantee excellence on every job.

Whether your customer T-shirt printing order is for fun or work, Designs for All Kinds of prints superior-quality every time. Our portfolio speaks for itself. Our prints look clean and professional without exception.

What Is Screen Printing?
Screen printing goes all the back to the first century CE. It begins with an ink-block stencil design. The stencil is covered with a layer of mesh, which allows ink to transfer through to the material below. Once the stencil is laid on a shirt, it is tightly secured—making sure no ink gets outside the desired area. Ink or dye is then pressed or squeegeed through the mesh and onto the shirt, thereby transferring the design.

While this process goes back many centuries and has come a long way in the technologies of dyes and such, the basis remains the same. A screen is made, the screen is printed, and then the item goes into a dryer. The difference between trying to do this in your garage and our professional screen printing service at Designs of All Kinds is experience and the right equipment.

Screen printing is difficult to keep from bleeding outside the designated design area. The type of inks and dyes used also dictates the quality of the result. While the general process is simple, the practice is anything but simple. That is why the knowledge and experience of our team at Designs of All Kinds make the difference.

Designs of All Kinds only uses quality material, paints, dyes, and inks. Because our screen designs are created with precision. you know that the design will not bleed or fade.  Our process ensures that you get the design you want on a quality shirt that will last and last.

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