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Types Of Outdoor Signs for Businesses

Outdoor signs are a great way to advertise your business, and the best thing about them is their versatility. You can get an awning sign for your store if you want something outside the box, or you can opt for one of the more traditional types like neon signs. Whether you’re starting a new business or trying to give your old one a facelift, here are the different kinds of outdoor business signs you can choose from.

What are the different signs for business?

Awning Signs

These may be better suited for businesses that don’t need a significant impact right off the bat, but they can still work well if you’re trying to draw attention in an area where there are lots of other signs. They work by being attached to the side of your business building and projecting your logo up and outwards. They’re also great for businesses with a large window display, as the awning sign is used to complement this.

Window Signs

The perfect choice for those who want something efficient but easy to read, window signs can be spotted from the street and make it easy to work out what your business is all about. They generally work best with simple logos or designs with less than 15 words, as you don’t want to overwhelm people with information when they have no idea what your business is about!

Directional Signs

Directional signs are a great way of supporting customers and attracting new ones who have no particular place in mind. You can buy both standard directional signs that are purely informative and directional signs with a little more personality, which is also a good way of making customers feel welcome on your premises.

Business Signs

These are the most straightforward kind of outdoor signs for your business, as they use text to convey clearly what you do and where you’re situated. They’re great for companies with more than one branch as they can be used to communicate the company name, location, and phone number across multiple sites in a uniform fashion. Some businesses use business signs to promote their suites, but this has minimal impact unless you have an exclusive product or deal.


The most significant advantage of choosing a banner is that it’s so simple to install and can work well with any business. They have little impact on your energy bill; they’re easy to change at regular intervals and allow you to advertise sales for a ‘limited time only’ quickly. The only downside is that banners aren’t effective at night, so they’re best used during the day when people are out and about.

Neon Signs

Neon signs are a highly impressive-looking type of outdoor sign for all business types. Neon signs are a good choice if you want something impressive that attracts attention on its own merits. They can be challenging to read from certain angles, and they’re less flexible than other types of signs, but the critical thing is that people will be impressed enough to come in and ask about your business.

Pylon Signs

If you have a large building with plenty of external space, choose pylon signs to advertise all your services. They can also be used for multiple branches of one business and are great for drawing plenty of attention without too much effort. Pylon signs are versatile enough to fit in most settings, but they’re not easy on the eye, so make sure they fit in with your other signage. If you’re not going to use them for multiple branches, you can also choose these signs for temporary installations that will be taken down when your event is over.

Billboard Signs

If you want an impactful sign and money isn’t a concern, opt for a billboard sign. These signs are used to attract attention from afar, and there’s nothing more impactful than a massive advert filling your field of vision as you drive by! They’re not always the most accurate way of communicating with people, but billboards are the best option if you want something that catches the eye.

Digital Signs

Digital signs come in a wide variety of models and sizes, but the one thing they all have in common is that they change and adapt at regular intervals to get your message across. In many cases, these kinds of signs can be rented more cheaply than most other types of signs, making them an ideal option for those on a budget.

Pole Signs

These signs are ideal for businesses that want to get their name out there without renting a specific space. They’re often brightly colored and easy to read, making them an effective way of supporting your other signage while still being eye-catching enough on its own merits. Pole signs are an excellent option for businesses that want to draw in new customers without installing a permanent sign, and they’re easy enough to use at events.


Regardless of what type of sign you choose, make sure it has a look and feel that suits your brand. You might also want to consider color schemes and background images depending on how much room you have to play with! Whatever the case, remember that a sign is an easy way to draw in new business, and if it can co-exist with your other signages, you’ll be on to a winner. For more information about our signages, call us anytime you can, and we’ll answer all your questions.


What are outdoor signs called?

The signs used outdoors are often referred to as exterior signs, but some professionals call them exteriors.

What are the signs above a business called?

The signs that appear above businesses are known as awnings or marquee signs, depending on what part of the world you’re in.

What is the difference between inside and outside signs?

There are many technical differences, but at ground level, they serve two very different purposes. Inside signs must be easy to read from close up, while outdoor signs must be visible further away.


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Types Of Outdoor Signs for Businesses

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