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Wave That Banner! How Custom Banners Can Increase Awareness

Customers can’t choose you if they don’t know you exist!

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Brand awareness is one of the toughest parts of running a business. And it’s the reason why many small companies with high-quality products don’t survive. How can a soft drink company compare to the likes of industry giants like Coca-cola? They could have a better flavor, use natural sugars or sugar substitutes, and not have a strange aftertaste and still fail because potential customers can’t find them. There are many ways to try to increase awareness, such as events like town celebrations, county and state fairs, and industry gatherings, but how can you set yourself apart? It’s crucial to seem competent and professional. And one of the best ways to do this is by creating customized banners. And if the content is chosen carefully, one high-quality banner can be used again and again!

Make your banner design work for you

If you think a banner is a good idea for your business or event but have no idea where to start, getting the input of a professional designer might help. The proper design considers several elements at once, such as the size of the banner, color, and font choice, as well as the placement of logos, pictures, and text.

Banner size matters not (Except it does)

A significant aspect of choosing a banner is deciding an appropriate size. And while size does matter, bigger isn’t necessarily better. Have a banner that’s too small, and you might not get noticed. Potential customers may pass right over you and not see that you have something that they’re looking for. Go too big, and you might seem desperate or overcompensating.

The ideal size for your specific banner depends on how you plan to use it. Is it going to be displayed on a float going down 4th Avenue during the Rose Festival? Then you’re going to need it big enough to see from a reasonable distance. Are you thinking of having a small, confined booth in the middle of a county fair? You certainly don’t want it to be any wider than your established space, or it could hinder others or even be taken down. Custom banners Vancouver WA

Color coordination is crucial!

Colors can be tricky. They can be so complicated that there are graduate degrees in color science available from some institutions. While designing a banner doesn’t require that much knowledge about color, it still isn’t a straightforward decision. There are several things to take into consideration, such as:

  • Do you have an existing business logo? You’ll likely want to keep it the same everywhere you use it, including on your banner. This means that the specific colors on your logo need to be taken into account.
  • Often, it’s a good idea to use the same text colors on your website and your banner to help with familiarity. This tactic is more effective for a professionally designed website, as designers take colors and fonts into consideration.
  • Background colors can make a tremendous difference in the way your business is perceived. White, for instance, depicts cleanliness and simplicity, while black often goes alongside sophistication. Using Color Psychology is a powerful tool!

Maximize your effectiveness with a strong banner layout

Do you want just your business name, or are you planning on including details or a message to go along with it?  The more words you plan to add, the more critical it is to guide attention towards the message. And depending on your goals, that may or may not be the way to go. Many big brands have simple messages with the company name and logo, and then a separator with a very brief overview of a few words about what they do or their motto.

Do you want a one-time use or reusable banner?

If you sell goods and regularly attend events like bazaars or farmer’s markets, getting one or two top-quality, long-lasting banners with vibrant colors and a high resolution is probably the best option. But what about for one-off events like high school graduation? Can you still have effective banners without spending a ton of money on banners you’ll never use again?

If you plan on reusing a banner, get it built to last

The more times you plan on using a particular banner, the more you should invest in it. A quality vinyl banner is a good option for outdoor events, especially if you need something to withstand wind and rain. Choosing a more substantial, thicker vinyl will mean that your banner will be resistant to tears and harsh weather and will last for many events and situations to come.

Have a one-off sale or event? Try a thinner banner

If you’re promoting a single event or one-time deal, durability probably isn’t much of a factor. Instead, the quantity might be a better focus. You can strategically place many small, inexpensive banners to promote a sale in your storefront, an upcoming golden birthday party, or any other time when you want something more than a tri-fold pamphlet.

Consider banner stands if you want versatility and portability

Banners can be displayed in numerous ways. But by using banner stands, you can give a professional appearance that’s also easy to transport to different locations. A good banner stand won’t fall over if a passerby bumps into and won’t draw attention away from your image. Instead, it will be secure, sturdy, and unintrusive. They can also give a feel of permanence, especially on larger, thicker banners. This makes them an excellent option for formal events like speeches and awards dinners, where adding a touch of class can make all the difference.

Don’t settle when it comes to custom banners

With all of the variables that go into creating the perfect banner for you, your business, or event, you want to make sure it does the job. You want to bring appropriate awareness to a suitable place, not push potential customers away or draw their eye elsewhere. Because of all of these factors, having your banner designed and created by a professional design team is an investment that’s sure to pay you back!

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Wave That Banner! How Custom Banners Can Increase Awareness

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