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Vehicle Wraps Vancouver WA

vehicle wraps vancouver wa

Turn Your Vehicle Into A Rolling Promotion With

Car Wraps

Did you know that if you drive your vehicle more than 5 miles each way every day you come into contact with more than 2000 people in the average city? If you truly want to promote your business and spend the least amount of money per impression, vehicle graphics are the best way to do it!  Let our vehicle wrap department get you the attention you deserve. Our sign and print shop offers a variety of services including the design and install of full wraps, partial wraps, decals, magnetic signs, lettering, and striping. Our install specialists are extremely detail-oriented and will treat your car with the utmost care and speed to get you out on the road, looking your best. No matter the vehicle, no matter the design, we will help take your brand awareness to the next level!

The quality of our install work is second to none. All of our certified installers have a minimum of four years experience in wrapping vehicles, don’t let others take a knife to your paint that will cause rust in the future – not to mention damage your resale value. Now that vehicle wraps have been around for over eight years we have seen many bad install jobs. Sometimes, the repair costs of damaged paint can run thousands of dollars! Vehicle wraps are not just for businesses, they can also help you take that favorite car and add custom stripes or even change the color at a fraction of the cost of a professional paint job.

A vehicle wrap is a printed graphic material that is applied to the body of a car or other vehicle. Vehicle wraps, also known as car wraps or vehicle decals, are one of the fastest-growing trends in marketing. These vehicle graphics utilize the concept of mobile outdoor advertising to promote a company’s products or services. Today we are in a cost concise and competitive environment, and businesses are looking for cheaper ways to advertise their offers. It can be extremely expensive to create attract the attention of customers through conventional methods like Newspapers Ads, TV Ads, Radio or Flyers and Billboards. Using a vehicle decal or wrap is the answer to low-cost advertising.

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Vinyl Car Wrap


vehicle wraps vancouver wa
There are many materials and techniques used to design and make wraps or decals for vehicles. A wide variety of printing equipment is used to create the graphics, which are produced on large sheets of vinyl material. Though different types of vinyl are often used, cast film is a preferred choice because of its high-quality material. The qualities of the materials used and technology, as well as the skill of the employees, make a big impact on the appearance of the completed wrap.

A vehicle decal or wrap is specially made to stick to the side of a vehicle, and it is placed on the rear or side of any given vehicle, transforming the vehicle into a moving sign. Color graphics and images can be incorporated into car wraps, creating the same effect as any color advertisement.

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A car wrap is a powerful and effective advertising method. Wraps can usually be found in different coverage areas, and you can either fully or partially wrap your vehicle. This service is usually used by advertisers and marketers or for company vehicles. It is also useful for any person who needs or wants to change the appearance of his or her vehicle without repainting the surface. Vehicle or car wraps usually do not damage the car in any way when applied correctly. Almost any graphic design material can be applied to a vehicle.

Commercial Vehicle Graphics

Will Benefit Your Company

Numerous companies produce wraps for vehicle advertising. While some companies only manufacture and provide installation, others will implement the marketing strategy by locating a vehicle source. These full-service companies contract with a taxi or an ancillary business with vehicles. Some companies use even a private individual. You may simply have wraps or decals designed to place on your existing company vehicles. In some cases, a business or company that does not travel or have company vehicles on the road will pay private individuals to place their advertising or decals on their car, van or truck. It is essential to get this advertising service from people who travel a lot and will achieve maximum exposure or visibility for the ad.
If you are looking for the biggest bang for your advertising money and car wraps deliver. Car wraps convey your message to your audience at the lowest cost possible. Vehicle wraps work for you, promoting your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By just going about your business, your vehicle decals and fleet graphics communicate with your customers. Your vehicles are seen all day every day and in the places where your target audience or potential customers hang out. These wraps or decals do the hard part, bringing more customers to your business. Whether your company sells a product or a service and uses a vehicle, you need to consider including a car wrap or decal in your company’s marketing plan.

At Designs of All Kinds, we provide a variety of services in addtion to vehicle wraps. Our team can also do custom t-shirts, embroidery, car decals, magnetic signs, custom flags, banners, apparel, engravings, and so much more! Give us a call today and see what we can do for you!

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