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Phenolic Labeling Vancouver WA

Phenolic Labeling Vancouver WA

Phenolic Labeling Made Simple

Whether you’re an established outfit or just getting started, there’s one thing that’s true for every business. You need to comply with OSHA regulations.

Here at Designs of All Kinds, we’re your top source for phenolic labeling in Vancouver, WA.

Get your custom phenolic signage done in Vancouver, WA. Call for a free quote today!

Phenolic Signage Vancouver WA

What is phenolic labeling?

Phenolic plastic is a very strong material but also lightweight. Various fillers can alter its texture to make it suitable for different applications.

In most production shops phenolic plastic is the material in signage. Such things as machine labels, door or desk nameplates and more are all made from phenolic.

One of the advantages of using this type of labeling is its durability. Phenolic plastics hold up to the conditions of most commercial and industrial buildings, including fumes and chemicals.

They also don’t crack even when attached to machines that put out heavy vibrations. Phenolic signage comes in virtually any color and is suitable for applications where you need your labels to be highly visible.

Plastic Labeling Vancouver WA

Stay organized with the right signage

We make it easy for you to get your custom phenolic labels in Vancouver, WA. Our team consists of experts in the field who each have many years of training and experience under their belt. If you need bulk order, we can get it engraved for you, on time and within a range of different budget options. When you contact us, either by a form on this website or by calling, we can schedule a consultation that works for your schedule and then explain all of our services in full detail.

The phenolic labels that we engrave are permanently marked and stand up to the abuse of most job sites and factory environments.

They stay in place and help your outfit to pass inspections when the OSHA official or other inspectors stop by. Marked labels also cut down on accidents when you post them on machinery or in hazardous areas. Considering how well they improve safety conditions in the workplace, our engraved labels pay for themselves and then some.

Engraved Plastic Signage Vancouver WA

We’re your source for all phenolic signage and more

Have us take care of your phenolic labels in Vancouver to see how easy OSHA compliance can be. After we complete your project, trust us to take care of all your physical media needs, from very large building signage to vehicle wraps, uniform embroidery and more, Designs of All Kinds is truly the one-stop to build up your brand.

Looking for other engraving services? We also provide other types of engraved signs and bulk engraving.

At Designs of All Kinds, we provide a variety of services in addtion to phenolic labeling. Our team can also do custom t-shirts, embroidery, car decals, vinyl lettering, magnetic signs, custom flags, banners, apparel, engravings, and so much more! Give us a call today and see what we can do for you!