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Magnetic Signs Vancouver Wa


magenetic signs vancouver wa

Magnetic signs are an easy way to advertise your business wherever you drive, without permanently changing your vehicle. Do you share a vehicle with your spouse? Magnetic signs make it simple to put your advertising on whichever vehicle you will drive for the day. With Designs of All Kinds of magnetic vehicle signs, you can get your brand, logo, and contact information out there.

Similar to a vehicle graphic wrap, a magnetic vehicle sign allows you to advertise everywhere you go—only in a less permanent way.

Advantages of car magnetic signs include:

  • Easy to clean – No need to wash the whole car when you don’t have time. Simply remove the vehicle magnet, wipe it down, and replace it. Voila!
  • Removable – If you don’t want to be asked about your business after hours, simply take the car magnet off.
  • Non-Permanent – Having removable car magnets not only makes them easy to change vehicles, but they are also easy to change out for new, updated information. If you change a phone number, logo, monthly special, or any other information, you do not have to repaint a whole vehicle graphic.
  • Replaceable – If the magnetic sign gets scratched or damaged, again, it is much easier to replace than a painted vehicle graphic. They are also easily transferred between employees’ vehicles.
  • Advertising on the move – Everywhere you go, you get your name out there.
  • Brand authority – When you arrive at a client’s location, you are instantly recognizable as a representative of that company.
  • Cost-effective – Vehicle magnets cost less than permanent graphics. They are quickly ready to go and do not require any downtime for your vehicle.


Designs of All Kinds makes high-quality custom magnetic signs that last. We use the latest materials that are made to hold up in the outdoors. The strong magnets ensure your car sign will stay in place as you drive.

Our designers can help you create a design that best represents your business or message. If you have an existing brand and logo, we can scale it to the size you want, in bright, vivid colors. Your design will make a statement for everyone to see.

Designs of All Kinds have your quality magnetic sign at an affordable price!

Contact us today for an estimate on your magnetic vehicle sign!

At Designs of All Kinds, we provide a variety of services in addtion to magnetic signs. Our team can also do custom t-shirts, embroidery, car decals, custom flags, banners, apparel, engravings, and so much more! Give us a call today and see what we can do for you!

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