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Why Charge for Digitizing? Isn’t it just a click of a button? Just as typing words into a word processor does not make one an author, being able to open digitizing software on a computer does not make the operator an embroidery digitizer. Embroidery digitizing is not a click-the-button-and-sit-back process and at Designs of all Kinds in Vancouver WA, we are experts.

Digitizing an image for embroidery requires an artist’s ability to see the big picture and the smallest of details. Experienced embroidery digitizers mentally dissect each image, breaking it out into sections and layers, noting how each section relates to the others, how the colors blend and merge and how the shadows play with the light to create the mood or atmosphere the image evokes.

Sometimes digitizing an image to thread is often not possible nor feasible. Thread is three dimensional; it is not oil paint or digital pixels. An embroidery digitizer must have an artist’s creativity and problem-solving skills. A digitizer’s canvas is the computer monitor, the keyboard and mouse are the brushes and the embroidery digitizer’s pallet is the embroidery software. The embroiders canvas is the fabric, her brushes are the machine, needles and thread and her pallet is the program produced by the digitizer.

The digitizer’s work is not confined to a computer screen. Knowledge of fabric types and the push-pull factor of each is also required. The embroidery digitizer also needs to know about needles, thread, and stabilizers and, perhaps most importantly, must creatively expand the ‘boundaries’ of machine embroidery.

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Deb Gamboa

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    Thank you for your help over the phone today.

    I appreciate the May 13th article regarding Embroidery Digitizing. I’m sure it responds to many uneducated questions. I appreciate the clear explanation, as I am not familiar with the process and can more fully appreciate your talents.

    Personally I have a hatred for computers and admire any artist that can manage them as a tool and not a source of life trauma. ………. 😉

    Also I would like to consider your services for my home business, and I’m grateful to now have you as a resource.

    God’s very best to you and have a fantastic day!

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