The Importance of Your Business Logo and Custom Signs in Vancouver, WA

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The Most Engaging Business Logos for Custom Signs in Vancouver

What comes to mind when you see a mermaid with split tails? Is it coffee? Does a yellow and red clam make you want to go to the gas station? These images are famous corporate icons. The right logo sets your business apart from the rest. It becomes perhaps the most important part of your brand identity. When you place your logo on custom signs in Vancouver, WA, you create an effective way to advertise your business.

What are the elements of an effective logo?

Anyone can sketch up a picture and call it a logo. After all, some corporate symbols are very abstract. Can’t you get by with a few colored squiggles on a white background? The fact is that a lot of time and effort goes into crafting even the most simple corporate logos. Every logo needs to accomplish a few goals, and it takes a skilled designer to accomplish them.

  • Recognition: A logo has to be immediately, immediately recognizable. When you see the logo for your favorite store, how long does it take for your mind to figure out where you’re at? It’s virtually instantaneous. If your logo is indistinct, it doesn’t do anything to grab the customer.
  • Impact: You want your logo to create a positive feeling with your customers. Essentially, you need it to look pretty. This mainly depends on composition and color choice, plus various other factors.
  • Intent: How does your logo communicate the purpose of your company? When someone sees your logo, they should get an idea of how your corporate culture works.

Intent Explained

Take a look at the two logos below. They’re both hypothetical icons for a make-believe painting company.

Business Logos for Custom Signs in Vancouver

What do you think about the logo to the left? You can instantly tell that the company does house or commercial painting. Notice the lines of color. Do you see how they’re all perfectly parallel and in line with the roller? The artists broke up what could have been a boring monotony by means of using rainbow colors, and they chose to stagger the individual lines. What’s your overall impression of this painting company? Take a moment to consider it, then look at the picture below.

This is the logo for another hypothetical painting company. What’s your initial impression of the picture? It’s certainly very pretty. The paint features a spectrum of several beautiful colors. The presence of a paintbrush indicates to you instantly that the company does painting jobs.

If we were to ask you which of these companies probably had the cleanest results, without causing paint drips and other mistakes? Did you say the company with the roller for the logo? If so, it’s likely because of the prominent straight lines. They subconsciously indicate consistency, professionalism, intelligence, and strength.

What if we asked you which paint company probably had the most creative painters? Did you say the one with the brush in the logo? That was probably because of the curved, line of paint. Round shapes and curved lines give the impression of imagination, friendliness, and warmth.

As you can see, a lot of work goes into making a logo. Something as simple as the curvature of a line can make or break the effect that you want to convey.

Creative Custom Signs in Vancouver

Getting the right logo

Now that you have an appreciating for the power of a proper logo, consider working with a professional graphic designer. With years of experience and an innate sense of what works, your icons look much better if you get them done by someone who knows what they’re doing.

The best artists collaborate with you. Instead of insisting on their own ideas, they listen to your requests and find a way to integrate them into the end product. That said, the pros really do have a handle on graphic design that non-artists don’t. If your artist strongly suggests a change give them some time to implement it, as you might end up liking it better than what you originally thought.

Using your logo in custom display signs in Vancouver, WA

Now that you’ve got your shiny new logo, what are you going to do with it? Most people want to make up custom business cards. Others might say web ads. The truth is that you need to brand everything that your company does by putting your logo all over it. The best logo does nothing for you if people don’t see it.

One of the most prominent and prestigious ways to show off your logo is with a display sign. Set up above your storefront or wherever else you like, a sign grabs the attention of passersby and draws them into your business. There are many options with these signs. For instance, you could go with simple 2D graphics, or you could opt for a 3D model with textured layers.

The right team for display signs in Vancouver

So where do you go to get a logo and sign made up? Designs of All Kinds is the top team in the Vancouver area. We have many talented artists on our team, all of whom can craft you something wonderful. The logos that we make up for you convey the true soul of your business. Once you’ve got the logo in place, we can also take care of the physical implementation.

Designs of All Kinds creates all sorts of attractive signs. We make them from weather-resistant materials that hold up to the rain and sun of the Pacific Northwest without fading or chipping. We also have many other options, including interior signs, work uniforms, vehicle decals, and many more. All you have to do is give us a call or fill out the contact form on our site. We set up a free consultation to work out the details of the job. We’ve got years of experience working for clients in Vancouver, WA and the surrounding areas. Come see us and discover for yourself why so many companies choose Designs of All Kinds for their graphics needs.