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Classic and Modern Tips for Uniforms and Logos

Make the right color choices for your uniforms

Are you starting up a sports team or a company? If so, a big part of your brand needs to be your presentation. This presentation applies to everything from your signage to your business cards, even the apparel that your employees wear. If you want potential clients to give you business, you need to grab their attention in a meaningful way.

First impressions are key

When people first encounter your brand, it’s almost certainly going to be through a visual medium. That might be anything, from a company vehicle to a product that you sell. If customers don’t like what they see, or if it fails to grab their attention, then you’re out a sale.

There are several ways to ensure that your logo and work uniforms make the right impression when they first catch the eye of your customers. Many of these tips date back to the Middle Ages, and the reason that people still follow them is that they work.
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Your logo is your coat of arms

In Medieval times, nobles bore a coat of arms. You’ve seen these. People usually list them as “family crests” or something similar. The original purpose was to identify the bearer at a glance. If you were familiar with the rules of heraldry, you could tell who the bearer was, even across the field of battle.

In heraldry, coats of arms bore two-tone color schemes. The colors were separated into two different types, colors, and “metals.” The metals were white and yellow (for silver and gold), while the colors were black, red, purple, green, and blue. As a rule, you only pair a color with metal. So every crest bore white or yellow, but not both. The other color was taken from the other list. While green and blue or white and yellow might look pretty, they don’t stand out with the same contrast as white and blue or yellow and green.

Even today, most country flags and corporate logos follow these same rules. The American flag features two distinct sets of color on metal, the blue and white star field and the red and white stripes. McDonald’s, Shell, UPS, IBM, Facebook, and many other companies follow these rules. Note that it’s not uncommon for artists to use black as a “metal” and a color, as it contrasts well with many different hues.
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Applying color principles to your logo and uniforms

Your uniform should have no more than two colors, as it makes it look less busy. This simplicity allows the eye to focus on the overall picture, rather than on small details. The same goes for your logo that appears on business cards and signage. Next, consider the feelings that you want to evoke in your potential customers. Colors can have a profound effect on mood and on the light in which members of the public perceive your company.

  • Black: Black is a neutral color. In the Western world, it can denote authority, calmness, or formality.
  • White: White is neutral, but it’s warmer than black. It imparts positive energy to any icon.
  • Yellow: Yellow is among the warmest of all colors. It signifies happiness and activity.
  • Green: A fresh color, green can evoke a feeling of being close to nature if it’s darker, or intellectual stimulation and innovation if it’s lighter.
  • Blue: Blue is often seen as a serene color. Blue’s crisp appearance is tranquil and peaceful. Use blue when you want to impart a feeling of stability and dependability.
  • Red: Red is warm. Use it to project an image of strength and power.
  • Purple: The ancient color of nobility, purple still makes a brand seem prosperous and luxurious.
  • Orange: Not often used in old heraldry, orange is warm and inviting. Like yellow, it has positive connotations but also denotes action.

Modern Wisdom for design principles

Legendary animator and artist Matt Groening is famous for creating The Simpsons, Futurama, and other works. When talking about how he managed to make his characters so memorable, Groening described a fascinating visual principle. Every character should be recognizable based solely on its silhouette.

Consider any member of the Simpson family. If you were to fill them in with black so that no visual details were visible, you’d still be able to instantly tell that you were looking at Bart, Homer, or the rest. This principle works for logos, too. If you were looking at a blacked-out version of the McDonald’s double arches, the Levi’s Jeans patch, or the NBC peacock, you’d know exactly which company’s logo it was.

This principle works for logos, too. It might take a while, but you need to come up with a logo that stands apart from others regardless of the color combination that you choose. Making sure to use contrasting heraldric colors and creating a logo with an unmistakable profile ensures better brand recognition.

Get a pro to put it all together

Once you know what you’re looking for, it’s time to get it made. Perhaps you don’t have the necessary skills to draw or use graphic design software. That’s where Designs of All Kinds comes in. We’re your choice for making custom apparel in Vancouver, WA. With years of experience under our belt, we’ve taken commissions for virtually all sorts of projects. Working from your direction, say, “a sun logo in yellow and blue,” we can create something eye-catching and which helps you to make a positive impression on future clients.

Besides the initial design, we can also manufacture items for you. Whether it’s embroidery on your uniforms, business cards, signs, or more, we have the staff and resources to make it happen. Just give us a call or fill out the contact form on this page to set up a free consultation. We’ll create the design you need to lead your company to success. There’s no reason to delay — Trust Designs of All Kinds with your artistic jobs.

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Classic and Modern Tips for Uniforms and Logos

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