10 Ideas for Trade Show and Conference Swag in 2020

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October 29, 2019

Company Handouts to Employees or Customers

Are you or your business headed to an important conference or trade show in 2020? Companies spend nearly $23 billion a year on promotional products in the United States. Why give out swag at a conference? From custom screen-printed T-shirts to branded water bottles, potential customers and clients love free stuff. In the hustle and bustle of a busy trade show, a free item branded with your company’s logo may be what lures a customer to your booth or website to investigate further. Promotional products lead to customer conversions if they’re well-executed. When you call Designs of All Kinds in Vancouver, you get comprehensive customer service from idea to physical product (and everything in between). Here’s a look at some of the most popular promotional products:

1. Water Bottles

Due to rising concerns for global climate change, plastic water bottles aren’t as popular as reusable water bottles. A branded, high-quality water bottle is among some of the most sought-after swag items today. With a custom screenprinting shop such as Designs of All Kinds, you can have your company’s logo printed on the water bottle directly. Water bottles are also an excellent choice for employee company swag. Your employees will love having a water bottle at their desk or in their vehicles to stay hydrated all day.

2. Apparel

Who doesn’t love a free T-shirt? Nobody, that’s who. Handing out free clothing such as T-shirts can make a lasting impression on potential customers at a trade show or conference. Due to sizing disparities, however, it may be best to pick apparel that is one size fits all, such as a baseball hat. Any time anyone of those people wears your branded clothing, it’s like having a walking billboard!

3. Notebooks

Screenprinting shops can easily place your company’s logo on a notebook or pad of paper. Journals are great swag for conferences because everyone needs somewhere to write their notes down!

4. Bags

As more states and cities move away from using plastic bags, reusable tote bags are on the rise. Bags with your company’s logo can increase your brand awareness while helping the environment. In addition to branded tote bags as giveaways, bags make great gifts for employees. Duffel bags with your company’s name or logo make great traveling ads for employees who travel often.

5. USB Keyrings

USB Keyrings are a popular promotional item, especially for conferences. Screenprinting shops can put your logo directly onto the USB drive, which will surely remind the conference or trade show attendees of your business throughout their workdays.

6. PopSocket Phone Grips

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PopSockets are a cost-effective, popular promotional product that can be branded with your company’s logo!

PopSockets are expandable smartphone grips. They are customizable, and they can be branded with your company’s logo. PopSockets are incredibly popular, and they ensure that you have a good grip on your phone when using it for selfies or on the go.

7. Chip Clips

Everyone wants to keep their snacks fresh! Hand out company-branded chip clips to conference attendees. Your company’s table or booth is sure to be a popular stop as a result!

8. Reusable Coffee Mugs

Similarly to water bottles, single-use coffee cups are falling out of popularity with coffee chains such as Starbucks offering discounts for bringing your own mug. A reusable cup of good quality is a great giveaway, and it helps the environment!

9. Pens and Pencils

A well-made pen with your company’s logo on it is perfect for conference attendees, and it is sure to keep your company on that potential customer’s mind as they proceed through their day writing notes with your pen.

10. Playing Cards

Let’s face it. If you’re on the road and traveling for a trade show or conference, downtime can be hard to fill. Handing out branded decks of cards at the meeting will ensure that people think of your company long after the event.

Other Ideas for Promotional Items

As you may have noticed, quality is key when it comes to promotional products. You don’t want your company’s branded items to end up in a landfill. Think about the event and what sort of products may prove useful for the event’s attendees. For example, it’s a smarter idea to bring branded wireless chargers to a technology conference than pens and paper. Keep in mind that one person’s trash may be another person’s treasure, though. While one attendee may not appreciate your company’s branded lunch bag, that may be another attendee’s favorite lunch bag for years to come. Take time to consider your potential customers’ needs, and choose a promotional item that fits those needs.

Avoid These Freebies

While there are plenty of promotional products that will see significant use and are longlasting, there are just as many promotional products that tend to go straight to the garbage. Avoid the following giveaways:

  • Lanyards
  • Bracelets
  • Paperweights
  • Low-quality gadgets such as phone chargers
  • Coasters
  • Keychains

Promotional Products Increase Brand Awareness

Why invest in promotional products? Well, when they’re implemented correctly, they create a lasting impression. While conversion rates are hard to track among promotional product recipients, promotional products are longer-lasting than traditional advertisements. For example, if you pay for a commercial or an ad spot in a magazine, there’s a time limit on your exposure. However, promotional products ensure that your audience sees your logo every day, and they’re appropriate for businesses of all sizes.

How Can Designs Of All Kinds Help?

As a full-service screenprinting shop in Vancouver, Designs of All Kinds can provide custom promotional products for your business’s next event. No matter the merchandise, apparel, or sign, we can print it. We have in-house graphic designers who can help, even if you don’t have a design in mind already. We will work with you and ask questions to ensure you get a product that meets your needs and helps your business. As a small business ourselves, we understand the struggle that comes with advertising, and we’re here to help. Call today to get started!