Scott Sherman

Say “Wazzup?!” to Scott “I Can Print Your Shirt, Man!” Sherman

Scott’s been working in the Designs of All Kinds screen print shop since 2008 and over time, he has become quite an expert!

Scott has a lot of responsibilities as our Head Screen Printer, including but not limited to: burning screens, coating screens and overseeing the general production of everything that goes in and out of screen print shop. His favorite projects that he’s seen come through have been the shirts for local creators, Manic Monster (now known as Mmhmm). Scott enjoys movie nights with his wife, going camping with his family and playing Xbox when he’s not sweating over a printing press. His favorite thing about Designs of All Kinds is a little known Thursday DOAK tradition that we refer to as Barb’s Bakery, make sure to ask him about it next time you stop by!