Mike Sherman

Get to know Mike “Nickname” Sherman

He has been working here at Designs of All Kinds as a screen printer since 2011!

His main focus is Screen Printing, but Mike also mixes ink colors, counts jobs in and out, helps clean the screens and makes sure that the Screen Print Shop stays clean. When not working in the Print Shop, Mike likes to spend time with his daughter, enjoys playing fps’ and working on his house. Mike’s favorite projects that he has worked on here at DOAK are the 2 color iPad case printing jobs that we have done for Cyber Acoustics. Mike thinks you should come to Designs of All Kinds because we care about the quality of our work and he think’s you’ll appreciate how we want you to love the products that you get from us. His favorite thing about DOAK is how we are like family (Which makes even more sense for him as two of his co-workers are also his brothers!).