Eric Hertz

Here’s a closer look at Eric “Send Me a Sign” Hertz

Eric got his start at Designs of All Kinds in 2003 and has been our Sign Shop Manager ever since.

Being in charge of the Sign Shop is no small job. Signs, banners, routing & engraving, vehicle wraps, decals, stickers, magnets and more fall under Eric’s domain, and what’s more he also keeps an eye on our equipment to make sure it all stays in working order! Eric has recently developed an interest in drift racing and is also known to brew his own beer on occasion. Of all the projects that have come through the sign shop, Eric’s favorite were the award-winning vehicle wraps that we have done for the Green Sweep trucks. Eric thinks the reason you should do your business with DOAK is quite simple: “Because we are the best!!” Well said Eric, well said.